Monday, March 14, 2011


In most of the Muslim countries, good pastures are in abundance. The Sudan and Nigeria are among them.They are located in Tropical Zone grasslands. In these areas, broad-leaved trees are commonly found alongside the streams. In these pastures, millions of cattle are bred which are source of great wealth to these countries.Besides, in the north-west African States of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Mauritania, extensive land-stretches of short and soft grasses are found. These grasslands are important for breeding of goats and sheep.Here 'Marino' sheep are bred on Alfa grass.Marino sheep are known for their good quality wool. In Turkey, northern Iraq and north-west Iran,good quality grasses are found where cattle goats and sheep are bred.The Turkish breed of 'Angora' is famous for its wool.
   Cattle, sheep and goats are also bred in western parts of Pakistan.Their wool and hides are exported to earn foreign exchange.
        Buffaloes are common in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.They are bred for milk, butter and other dairy products.
  Camels are found in desert-lands. A camel is commonly known as the 'ship' of desert. Ponies and donkeys of  Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria are also famous for their high quality.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Muslim countries cover a vast area on the surface of earth. Diversity in climate and production of commodities is but natural. Nearly all types of natural vegetation and pastures lands are found. The fertile river valleys are extensive and famous for their agricultural products. The deserts possess the mineral oil which is believed to be one of richest resource bestowed by nature. So, the Muslim countries are rich with all types of natural resources. By utilizing them properly, they can become prosperous and strong and this is what the Muslim world is struggling for today.


MUSLIM COUNTRIES RICH IN FOREST RESOURCES:       The eastern countries of the Muslim world are rich in forest resources. Some forests are also found in South Asian, Middle Eastern and African Muslim Countries.                                                                 
Indonesia and Malaysia
                        Both of these countries are rich in forest resources. Nearly seventy percent of the total area of Malaysia is under forest. Being in equatorial region both of these countries have hard and strong wood forests. This wood is used for building material, railway coaches and boats manufacturing. Famous trees are mahogany, ebony, bamboo, sandal, toddy palm and cinchona. Cinchona is also used for the production of quinine.       
             Seventy percent of the total area of Bangladesh is also under forests. The wood provided by these forests is used for manufacturing math sticks, paper, furniture, building material and boats.                                                               
                 Pakistan also has forests in its north western parts. These are soft wood forests and do no meet the requirements of the country. An artificial forest is planted in Punjab namely Changa Manga, which provides hard for various purposes.
          In northern areas of Iran soft wood forests are found which are sufficient for the requirements of the country.
            Forests are also found in north-western Turkey. These forests are enough to fulfill the requirements of the country.
Western African Muslim Countries
                                   West African Muslim countries including Ghana, Guinea , Nigeria and Mauritania rich in forests.
   In Morocco Algeria , the white cork and oak trees are found which are used for many purposes.

Some common definations about resources of Muslim world:

Meaning of  Natural resources:                 All the resources created by God for the benefits of mankind is called natural resources.The plants, trees, forests, the sea and different kinds of minerals etc.are called natural resources.                                                                                                                                            Parts in which natural resources of Muslim world are divided:        The natural resources of Muslim world can be divided in to three parts:      1.Mineral resources     2.Agricultural production     3.Industrial production                            MEANING OF MINERAL OIL: The biological oil got transformed into mineral oil.Mineral oil is refined to produce petroleum and other products.


SUDAN KNOWN FOR BREEDING CATTLE:                    Sudan is located in tropical Zone grassland. In this area broad-leaved trees, good quality grass and streams are commonly found. Millions of cattle are bred in these pastures. These cattle are great source for the wealth of Sudan. Wool , hide and meat are produced from these cattle. These products are also exported to earn foreign exchange.